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    Turbo Switch


    Gain efficiency, decrease waiting times

    You are developing for multiple platforms simultaneously, but you don't want to lose precious time every time you switch platforms?

    Turbo Switch is the solution for you!

    It aims at reducing the time taken switching platforms by caching all data that has already been imported (and therefore does not need to be re-imported).

    In an ideal scenario - when all data has been cached and you haven’t changed anything - you can see an improvement of up to 100x faster platform switching time.

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    When working on a multi-platform project in Unity, you often have to switch between platforms to test compatibility, see if things work as intended, and tweak things on each and every platform.

    The larger your project gets, the longer the switching time gets. It can become a serious setback in your development process.

    Turbo Switch (TPS) makes no changes to the asset import system and doesn't interfere in its operations - it has no effect on the time required to import new or modified assets.

    It only caches existing assets so you don't have to reimport them if you didn't change anything.

    Note: When first switching platforms there won't be a difference. All following changes will make use of the cache.


    Fast & efficient

    • Up to hundred times (100x) faster than the default Unity platform switch!
    • Up to ten times (10x) faster than Unitys cached platform switch!
    • Support for various VCS like Unity Collaborate, git, svn & Mercurial!
    • Select your custom cache target external HDD/SSD or NAS!
    • Manage the cache per platform
    • See the total/per cache space usage

    Supported platforms

    • 3DS (before Unity 2018.2)
    • Android
    • iOS
    • Linux
    • macOS
    • PS4
    • PSP2 (before Unity 2018.2)
    • Switch
    • tvOS
    • WebGL
    • WiiU (before Unity 2018.1)
    • Windows
    • (UWP (WSA)
    • XboxOne

    Documentation & control

    • Powerful API for maximum control!
    • Comprehensive documentation and support!
    • Full C# source code


    • Works seamless with Turbo Builder
    • All Android texture formats are supported
    • Works with Windows, Mac and Linux editors!
    • Compatible with Unity 2017.4 – 2020


    Documentation (.pdf)

    API (.pdf)