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    Customer project for "Die Mobiliar"

    Mobi is used to create a ranking list of event participants.

    The app takes names and scores of participants and inserts them into the integrated ranking list.

    This project was uses for indoor sports events of "Die Mobiliar".

    About the App

    The app consists of two parts: Register & display.

    The user can enter his name in the register application to assign his reached score.

    The display application represents the results in an endless ranking list.

    A custom video can be displayed instead of the ranking list in a freely definable interval.

    The product contains a video converter for all popular formats, as well as our Bad Word Filter to prevent unwanted input.

    The applications are configurable via an integrated Admin Panel. For example, the speed of the ranking list is adjustable.

    Key Features

    • Rank list
    • Convert and play videos
    • Integrated Bad Word Filter