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    Memory 2.0


    Customer project for Suva Liv

    Our first customer project for Suva Liv. It is designed as a stand-alone app that combines two well-known game types: memory & quiz. Fit to the operational area, the treated theme of the game is safety in sports.

    The project was used in sporting events of Suva Liv.

    About the App

    First part: The participant initially solves an ordinary memory with 12 cards; shoes that are allocated to an appropriate surface are shown. The time required to solve will be recorded.

    Second Part: A quiz the participant has to answer. Correct responses improve the previously recorded time.

    Key features

    • Highscore list
    • Memory & Quiz
    • Integrated Bad Word Filter
    • Multilingual (DE/FR/IT)


    It is controlled via touch-screen.