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    Invent the Wheel


    Reinvent the wheel

    A creative mini-game, in which the player draws a wheel (or something similar) that should reach the bottom of the slope as quick as possible.

    The game was developed for LudumDare 36. «Ancient Technology» was the theme. By the way, it was a favourite for our team among our previous 72-hour projects!

    Due to the continuously positivie community feedback, we decided to continue development (which is still work in progress).

    Download Windows-version
    Download macOS-version
    Download Linux-version
    Play WebGL-version


    «Do not try to reinvent the wheel», they say. A saying which often proves quite useful. That's why we decided to give others the opportunity to reinvent the wheel!


    Draw a shape, let it roll, sit back and enjoy.

    Key Features

    • Creative: Draw something that looks like a wheel to you!
    • In the name of Science: Can you create a wheel that is even rounder than its definition?
    • Highscore: Convince others of your sophisticated empirical approach!



    Number of players



    All Platforms: Mouse & Keyboard

    Right Mouse Button - Draw shape


    Web, Windows, Mac, Linux

    Soon available for smartphones and tablets!


    Stefan Laubenberger: Lead developer, scripting, level design, idea
    Lucien Ryter: Idea, highscore, scripting
    Dominik Castelberg: GUI, graphics, level design, scripting
    Gianluca Scarciolla: Music, SFX, textures, animations, scripting