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    Golden Goose


    A retro Jump'n'Run

    Our submission to LudumDare 34. This time we had to keep track of two themes: «Two button controls» and «Growing». As always, the implementation was carried out within 72 hours.

    It's a simple Jump'n'Run based on those ancient handheld consoles games, presented in a modern living room.

    Download Windows-version
    Download macOS-version
    Download Linux-version
    Play WebPlayer-version


    Even if there's a whole range of different versions of the tale called «Jack and the Beanstalk», all of them have one thing in common: magic beans from which giant tendrils sprout, rising up in the sky. The protagonist climbs up to enter the Land of Giants, just to leave it soon after with a bag of gold. That was the template for Golden Goose.

    But our vine is a lot more thirsty than in the template. There's also an angry giant (or his feet atleast. You know, the display is just too small...)


    Move between the two displays to gather water. Return to the vine to pour it. Let it grow until you get that Golden Egg you're here for. Simple enough? Here we go!

    Key Features

    • Back then / today: A handheld console in the middle of a modern living room - a discrete comparison of visual representation between then and now!
    • Classic: Feels like a time travel to where rubber boots were made out of wood.
    • Sentimental: The music makes your memories come back to life!



    Number of Players



    All Platforms: Mouse & Keyboard

    A | B - Start the game

    Esc - Reset / Return to table view

    Space - Jump

    Right Mouse Button - Look around (in the living room)

    Mouse Wheel (Scroll) - Zoom


    Web, Windows, Mac, Linux


    Stefan Laubenberger

    Lucien Ryter

    Stephan Balmer

    Marisa Meyer

    Lucien Ryter